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Welcome to the Bristol Aero Talks website.


Bristol Aero Talks are a series of talks on aerospace and related high-technology subjects with particular emphasis on the history of the Bristol and surrounding areas.


These talks, for which no admission is charged, are held monthly at BAWA in Filton normally on a Friday evening between September and March.  However, as these talks are being run independently, we will ask for a voluntary contribution of one pound per person to cover the room rental and associated costs.  In the event there is an accrued surplus at the end of the season of talks it will be donated to a good cause such as the Air Ambulance.



On May 25th the new legislation on Data Protection becomes effective.  One of the key changes is that explicit and informed consent of individuals is required before their personal data may be used.  To ensure that we are fully compliant with this new legislation we are asking those who wish to be informed of forthcoming talks to register their details.


This may be done by e-mailing the following new address with the word JOIN in the body of the e-mail:

By registering you are authorising Bristol Aero Talks to hold and process your personal data.


The new legislation requires that a Privacy Notice is made available that sets out the basis on which personal data is processed, a copy of the Bristol Aero Talks Privacy Notice may be found here.


Please note that because of the GDPR requirement for individuals to have explicitly consented to their personal data being held and processed by Bristol Aero Talks we will no longer be able to act on requests from people to add third parties to the mail list.


Unfortunately those on the current mailing who do not register will no longer receive talk announcements after the end of this season though they can, of course, access them on the BAT website.



Bristol Aero Talks will return for a new program of talks in September 2018.


More information will be provided closer to the date once the program is finalised.



Full information on the next talk can always be found by clicking on the link below

Information on earlier talks can be found by clicking here

If you would like to be kept informed future talks please send an e-mail to:

With the word “JOIN” in the body of the message.




Please note that by sending such an  e-mail you are authorising Bristol Aero Talks to store your personal data.  Your personal data will only be used as set out in the Bristol Aero Talks Privacy Notice which may be found here.

If at any time you wish to be removed from the list please send an e-mail to the above address with the word REMOVE in the subject line.

Not receiving announcements of talks?

We have been advised that in a few cases the e-mails announcing talks are not being delivered but are instead being trapped by the SPAM filters. We would recommend checking the folder where your ISP sends the e-mails it filters.

For more on this topic please please click on the link below.

More on SPAM


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