Discussion of SPAM

Bristol Aero Talks has been advised that in a small number of cases the e-mail announcements of talks are not being delivered but instead are being caught by the recipients Internet Service Provider (ISP) SPAM Filters.

Unfortunately this filtering occurs in a manner which is invisible to Bristol Aero Talks so we are not aware when this has occurred.

If this is happening to you we advise that you first check the folder where your ISP places e-mails it has decided are SPAM, you will almost certainly find the announcement e-mail there.

To stop this happening in the future the recommended solution is to add the Bristol Aero Talks e-mail address to a list of e-mails that the SPAM Filter will ignore, this is generically called “Whitelisting” though each ISP seems to have a different name for this.  To do this it is normally necessary to access the management page of your account with the ISP, we are unable to provide detailed advice as each ISP uses its own management interface.

If you wish you may advise us that this is occurring to you by sending a e-mail with the word SPAM in the body to the Bristol Aero Talks administrative account:



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