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Bristol Aero Talks – Privacy Notice


Bristol Aero Talks needs to process personal data in order to advise you of upcoming talks.  Bristol Aero Talks aims to perform this processing in a manner which complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which replaced the old Data Protection Act.  This became enforceable from 25 May 2018


Bristol Aero Talks (BAT) will only hold personal data on individuals who have explicitly consented to such data being held and processed by BAT.


Bristol Aero Talks will:

  • Only use the personal data held to:
    • Advise individuals of upcoming BAT talks;
    • Where appropriate advise individuals of events being organised by third parties that are likely to be of interest to those who attend the BAT talks.
  • Hold the minimum of personal data to enable the activities set out above to be carried out, this will be limited to
    • For those individuals contacted electronically – Name and e-mail address;
    • For those individuals contacted by letter – Name and Street Address.
  • Update or delete personal data on receipt of a request from the individual concerned.
  • Ensure that all personal data (including backups) are securely deleted in the event BAT ceases operations.
  • If requested, confirm to an individual the personal information BAT holds relating to that individual.
  • Hold and use personal data securely and will use best endeavours to ensure e-mail announcements are free of malicious software.
  • Not share personal data with third parties either in the UK or in other countries.


Please note that because of the GDPR requirement for individuals to have explicitly consented to their personal data being held and processed by BAT we will no longer be able to act on requests from people to add third parties to the mail list.


Any comments or questions relating to this Privacy Notice should be sent to:



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