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Welcome to the Bristol Aero Talks website.

Bristol Aero Talks are a series of talks on aerospace and related high-technology subjects with particular emphasis on the history of the Bristol and surrounding areas.  These talks, for which no admission is charged, are held monthly at BAWA in Filton (click here for information on getting to BAWA).


Bristol Aero Talks are pleased to be able to restart the talks program but in order that the talks are held in as safe an environment as possible it has been decided to move the talks to the Concorde Room at BAWA which, being significantly larger, will allow us to maintain social distancing (click here for information on the rationale for this change).  There are two significant consequences of this change, firstly the talks will now normally be held on a THURSDAY in the Concorde Room at BAWA and secondly as the costs associated with the room rental are significantly higher we are having to ask for an increase in the donation to 3. In the event there is an accrued surplus at the end of the season of talks it will be donated to a good cause such as the Air Ambulance.


Bristol Aero Talks makes use of e-mail as the primary communications medium and to handle matters efficiently a number of e-mail addresses have been set up - please see the Contact Us page for more information including how to receive talk announcements by e-mail.



Bristol Aero Talks are pleased to announce the restarting of the talks program beginning on Thursday October 14th. 


The first talk in the new program will be given by Stuart Powney entitled “Flying Trees” on Thursday October 14th in The Ballroom at BAWA starting at 7:15 pm.  This talk will look at the uses of timber in aircraft.
[Please note the change of day and further change in location]

Bristol Aero Talks will pause the making of new talks available for viewing over the Internet but all the existing talks on the website will continue to be available.  We will consider restarting the remote talks activity in the New Year and will advise all of our decision later in the year.  The new website section “Remote Talks” created to hold these talks remains in place and may be accessed through an additional (fourth) option below.


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Not receiving announcements of talks?

We have been advised that in a few cases the e-mails announcing talks are not being delivered but are instead being trapped by the SPAM filters. We would recommend checking the folder where your ISP sends the e-mails it filters.

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