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ATP_018936_G (Bristol Brabazon)

This page provides a gateway to information on earlier talks given by Bristol Aero Talks

The 2017-2018 Season

22nd September 2017

Concorde: A Lifelong Passion by Duncan Greenman

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20th October 2017

60 Years in Space – how Filton made its mark on the universe” by Terry Ransome

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8th December 2017

The Schneider Trophy Races 1913 to 1931 by Mike Marsden

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26th January 2018

The Bristol Freighter by David Bradley

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2nd March 2018

Talk Postponed

The Bristol Aeroplane Company between 1945 and 1960 by Chris Bigg

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16th March 2018

The Life of Captain Frank Barnwell by David Bremner

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6th April 2018

1st April 2018 - The Day the RAF Was Born by Duncan Greenman

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27th April 2018

Bristol Aircraft at Farnborough and More ... by Peter Cooper and Richard Cooper

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The 2018-2019 Season

21st September 2018

Reminiscences of a Concorde Test Pilot by Alan Smith

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12th October 2018

Wings Over Filton 1945 - 1960  Civilised Again by Chris Bigg

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2nd November 2018

Seventy Years of Silver City Airways by Paul Ross

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30th November 2018

Dam Busters 75 by Paul Beaver

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18th January 2019

The History and Development of High Performance Sailplanes by Howard Torode

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8th February 2019

The Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft (BEHA), a 10+ seat aircraft with a hybrid propulsion system intended to revolutionise urban flying by Neil Cloughley

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8th March 2019

MRCA - The birth of Tornado by Group Captain (ret) Jock Heron OBE

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11th April 2019

The Bristol Type 167 Brabazon 1 which made its first flight on 4th September 1949 by Duncan Greenman

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